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Franco Harris Loses Endorsement For Expressing Opinion About Penn State Scandal

For whatever it's worth, a local radio station reports that the Penn State scandal is actually affecting former Steelers star Franco Harris in his dealings with the Meadows Casino.

'In light of the recent developments with Franco Harris regarding Joe Paterno's dismissal, Franco and The Meadows have mutually decided to put their business relationship on hold at this time, while these matters are looked into further.'

Harris' error, apparently, was defending Joe Paterno, who lost his job in the wake of the scandal for enabling - or not doing enough to stop - alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky. 

I personally wasn't in favor of Paterno keeping his job, but I do think dumping Harris for expressing a contrary opinion (and not a particularly farfetched one, either - I think Harris is very wrong, but his is an opinion a lot of people share) is a bit much. This is particularly true given, as Seth Rorabaugh sarcastically put it, "Well you certainly wouldn't want to sully the good, wholesome reputations casinos have."

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.