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Sarah Palin: Jerry Sandusky Should 'Hang From The Highest Tree' If Guilty

It's no surprise that politicians have begun to weigh in on the Penn State scandal. It's a hot-button issue and it gives candidates a chance to hammer home the quality of their morale fiber to their constituents. That includes former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, now a regular contributor to Fox News, who had this to say on that channel last night after some nudging on the issue from Greta Van Susteren, according to USA Today.

"Hang him from the highest tree. I'll bring the rope," she said.


She was a little more reserved, however, on the issue of Penn State playing in a Bowl Game this year. Presidential candidate and Penn State alum Rick Santorum feels like the Nittany Lions should be barred from postseason play as a result of the scandal. As hard as it is for me to say this after that last comment, Sarah Palin was actually much more reasonable.

"It's not the players' fault that they have a perverted former assistant coach," she said on Fox News. "I would like to see the players not suffer more than they have suffered."

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.