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Penn State vs. Long Island: Blackbirds Take The Lead

Jermaine Marshall replaces Trey Lewis, who has three fouls, in the starting five to open the second half for Penn State. Everyone else remains intact.

The Nittany Lions reel off four straight points to start the half and the Blackbirds call timeout. That's the kind of start Penn State's coaches had to be hoping for.

...but Long Island, once again, absorbs the punch and takes a 50-49 lead with 13:42 left to play in the game. Penn State simply isn't defending with the same intensity it did in the first two games. The offense hasn't really been much of a problem, the Blackbirds are just getting to the foul line a bunch and getting points on what seems like every possession.

Pat Chambers just got called for a technical. If you've watched that man on the sidelines, you knew that was coming sooner than later.

With 11:55 to play in the game, Long Island leads 53-51.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.