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Penn State Scandal: Bobby Bowden Concerned For Joe Paterno After Paterno's Departure

Bobby Bowden, who stepped down Florida State’s coach in 2010 (and used to be West Virginia’s coach as well), has expressed concern for Joe Paterno after the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal forced Paterno from his longtime job as Penn State’s head coach.

Speaking of Paterno, Bowden said, "I am afraid for him because, after coaching 61 years, then all of the sudden you’re not coaching.

“You just simply have to have something else to get your mind on,” Bowden added when contacted by phone Thursday afternoon. “I hope Joe can find a hobby or something that will challenge him to keep going, and I really feel like he will.”

I can understand why Bowden, whose retirement from Florida State was really more like a termination, would empathize with Paterno, but obviously, Paterno isn’t the victim here. He appears to have made his own bed by doing the legal minimum to stop Sandusky’s abuse, and his firing from Penn State was deserved.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.