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Penn State Scandal: Sue Paterno Not Allowed To Use PSU Gym, According To Report

Sara Ganim reports that Sue Paterno, the wife of recently-dismissed Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, was kicked out of a PSU athletic facility where she often swims.

No reason was given, the source told The Patriot-News, and when reached by email, university spokesman Bill Mahon said, “I have heard nobody discuss this” …

Sue Paterno used Penn State facilities to swim and exercise everyday, the source said, but was told Wednesday morning that she could no longer use the facilities.

That seems unnecessarily harsh, but her husband was dismissed, and a large part of the Jerry Sandusky scandal that started all this stemmed from the university’s unwillingness to truly tell Sandusky to buzz off. Sue Paterno isn’t Sandusky, obviously, but she doesn’t have an official connection to the university anymore, either, and she’s putting the university in an awkward position by continuing to use its facilities. I feel bad for Sue Paterno, but I can’t really blame PSU for erring on the side of being too harsh here. I’m sure I’m going to get flamed for saying so, but that’s fine.

UPDATE: It turns out Sue Paterno wasn't kicked out. The pool was closed for the holidays. Much ado about nothing!

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.