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Joe Paterno Addresses Student Crowd, Leads Penn State Cheers

The most surreal scene in a day full of them may have taken place when Joe Paterno addressed the throngs of chanting students who had assembled on his lawn awaiting his return from practice. The pictures of Paterno, holding back tears and addressing the students from his living room window have been widely circulated.

Paterno took a brief moment to remind the enthusiastic crowds of the victims, stating, "I want to say to the kids who were the victims, or whatever they want to say, I think we ought to say a prayer for them because they were ... tough life, when people do certain things to you, but anyway, you've been great."

Video of the scene continues to come out. Amazingly, the video below shows Paterno leading the exuberant and supportive students in "We Are Penn State" chants.

Paterno addressing the students and fans (via TDCFootball):

Continue to stay with this StoryStream as the scene unfolds in State College.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.