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Penn State Vs. Duquesne: Dukes and Lions Continue Chess Match

After a poor half shooting, the Dukes came out with a 7-2 run in the first two minutes of the half to give Duquesne a 37-35 lead, leading Pat Chambers to call Penn State's second time out of the game. Penn State has weathered the storm however and avoided a big run.

The Dukes' efforts to find a big man that can stop the Lions down low have come up short so far. Martins Abele came out to start the second half for the Dukes but quickly returned to the bench after committing his third foul. Mammadou Datt's first action of the night resulted in two fouls in little time. 

Penn State continues to turn the ball over due to the pressure of the Dukes, but their ability to keep the Dukes to just four points off turnovers has been key.

Matt Glover of Penn State and Sean Johnson of Duquesne both sit with three fouls.

With 15:08 remaining in the second half, the score is tied at 39.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.