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Penn State Scandal: Mike McQueary Testifies In Hearing For Tim Curley, Gary Schultz

Mike McQueary was on the stand testifying against former University officials who were accused of lying to a Grand Jury about the potential child sexual abuse that happened on their campus with former coach Jerry Sandusky. USA Today is live-bloging the events, including some disturbing quotes from McQueary himself. Here is what McQueary had to say about what exactly he saw in the shower.

"I believe they were having some kind of intercourse. He moved toward shower and Sandusky separated from the boy. He didn't say anything and left. I was distraught. I was horrified"

Even worse, McQueary is confident that that Sandusky and the boy that were in the shower were aware of him when he walked into the shower and saw them.

"I know they saw me. They both looked directly in my eyes, both of them,"

As the trial comes about, the details surrounding the case are only going to get worse and worse. We'll be following the rest of this testimony in this StoryStream.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.