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Minnesota Vs. Penn State First Half Updates: Lions And Gophers Stay Tight

With Andrew Jones off the floor, Penn State needs solid defense out of Billy Oliver here, possibly for the duration of the half. This Minnesota team, while depleted at guard, is tough inside and the Nittany Lions can't afford to skip a beat without Jones. Oliver isn't much of a scorer, but if he can d-up a little, Penn State should be able to weather the storm.

Jeff Brooks picks up a foul. Not good with Jones already off the floor.

Kind of a frantic pace here early on for both teams. Penn State wants to slow that down.

Lots of fouls going both ways, too. Both team already with four to start the half.

David Jackson has been the unluckiest shooter for either team so far. He's had two threes go half way down only to roll out and just missed two free throws. Rims not very forgiving tonight.

Minnesota is getting to the offensive boards with Jones out of the lineup and Brooks playing careful. Penn State better turn that trend around quickly.

With 11:03 to play in the first half, Penn State leads 11-9.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.