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2011 NCAA Women's Championship Schedule: UConn Vs. Purdue, Baylor Vs. West Virginia Highlight Tuesday Games

Here's a look at Tuesday's schedule for the NCAA women's tournament.

At 7:05 on ESPN, No. 1 UConn will take on No. 9 Purdue. Also at 7:05, and on ESPN2, will be No. 3 Miami (Florida) vs. No. 6 Oklahoma.

At 7:10 on ESPN2, No. 2 Xavier will play No. 7 Louisville. Also on ESPN2, No. 4 Maryland will play No. 5 Georgetown at 7:15.

At 9:35, No. 3 Georgia will take on No. 6 Florida State on ESPN2. No. 2 Texas A&M will play No. 7 Rutgers at 9:40 on ESPN2. No. 4 Michigan State will take on No. 5 Green Bay at 9:40 on ESPN2, and, in the game that will garner the most attention in our region, No. 1 Baylor will play No. 9 West Virginia at 9:45 on ESPN2. West Virginia won its first tournament matchup against Houston, but this matchup will be a tougher one, as WVU will face a very tough Baylor team on Baylor's home court.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.