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Penn State Blue-White Game: 2nd Quarter Notes

Penn State fails to get the ball in the endzone, and Evan Lewis is called on to kicked a 20-yard field goal. He converts and Blue now leads White 3-0 in the second quarter.

White responds with a quick gallop for a first down by Brandon Beachum. He had a nice burst up the middle there behind good blocking. He follows it up with another nice run, this one for six on the ensuing first down. Unfortunately, his drive ends with a fumble recovered by Blue.

Blue goes three-and-out with Bolden at QB after the fumble.

Curtis Dukes gets a rush for White on first down and picks up seven. It'll be interesting to see how he fits into the offense in the fall. He's a big guy. White stalls on the drive, though. Tough to watch this right now.

If you thought things were bad here at Beaver Stadium, here's a shot from Northwestern's Welsh-Ryan Field in Evanston.

In for Blue, Matt McGloin hits Justin Brown for a nice gain into White territory. Next, there's a 23-yard pass to Mike Zordich down to the White 17 yardline. Following play is a touchdwon pass to Brandon Moseby-Felder in the near side of the left endzone. It's 10-0 Blue now. McGloin was 3/4 for 59 yards on that drive. He's clearly been the best of the QBs today, even before that drive.

White runs out the clock on the half. We're at the break here in Happy Valley, and it's 10-0 Blue.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.