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2011 Graduation Rate Analysis - Where Do Penn State, Pitt, WVU Fall?

The 2011 Graduation Rate Analysis has been released by The Bootleg, the website for Stanford's site. The analysis covers the three "major" college sports (football, basketball, baseball) in addition to looking at overall graduation rates. While each school's full numbers are not shown in the article, some interesting results are shown.


Among football players, Penn State graduates 84 percent of its players, while WVU and Pitt graduate 72 and 69 percent, respectively. Penn State's numbers are good enough for second in the Big Ten, behind private Northwestern University. WVU and Pitt rank fifth and sixth in the Big East. Notre Dame is tops in the country with a 96% graduation rate, while Penn State just barely fell out of the Top 10.


For basketball, Penn State has an 86 percent graduation rate, good for third in the Big Ten. WVU (71 percent) and Pitt (64 percent) are seventh and tenth in the Big East. Six programs across the country had a perfect 100 percent graduation rate among their basketball programs. Conversely, Arizona has the worst basketball program graduation rate (and sixth worst in football) at an unbelievable 20 percent.


Finally, The Bootleg only covered the graduation rates across all sports as it pertains to the highest schools (and some select others). Penn State ranks No. 10 nationally with a 90 percent graduation rate. Notre Dame is tops in the country with 99 percent. Neither WVU nor Pitt appear in the top ten or the bottom fifteen, so it is unknown exactly where they fall on the spectrum. The Division I average across all sports is 79 percent.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.