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Penn State vs. Temple: Rob Bolden Still Nittany Lions' Guy To Start Second Quarter

PHILADELPHIA--The crowd has really filled in here as we begin the second quarter. The lower bowl is about full and the upper decks on the sidelines are about half full. It's a majority Penn State crowd, but not by a whole bunch. Lot of Temple fans here.

Penn State's defense is gashed for 13-yards on a second down run by Bernard Pierce. He got by the Lions' Drew Astorino on the corner. Temple gets another first down on a deflected pass from Mike Gerardi to Matt Brown up to the Owls' 33.

Temple's drive peters out, though, as Penn State forces a 3rd-and-9 before thwarting a Gerardi pass.

In case you were wondering, Joe Paterno is not, in fact, on the sideline today. He's upstairs for the third straight game after walking around without a crutch during warm ups.

Rob Bolden gets the call again on Penn State's third drive. We're now in the second quarter, though, so clearly the Lions' coaching staff isn't going to break the game down by quarters.

Shawney Kersey drops his second pass on first down throw from Bolden. Kersey said this week he wears No. 81 because he likes Terrell Owens. I guess that's fitting, because he's playing like TO right now, and not the good TO. The TO that leads the NFL in drops every year.

Penn State tackle Chima Okoli has left the field. Not sure whether he's been benched or is having a flair up of an existing injury from last week against Alabama. Stay tuned for more on that.

The Owls deflect a pass on third down, stalling out another Penn State drive. Still 7-0 Temple here with 9:50 to play in the half.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.