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Penn State vs. Eastern Michigan: Joe Paterno Returns To The Field

Penn State coach Joe Paterno spent his team's first three games coaching from the press box, but made his return to the sidelines on Saturday for the first half of the Nittany Lions' 34-6 win against Eastern Michigan at Beaver Stadium.

Paterno first appeared on the field without the assistance of a cane during warmups, and after heading back into the locker room with the team for a few minutes, returned for the start of the game. He spent the entire first half downstairs before returning to the press box for the second half, at which point, he said he was whipped.

"I was hurting," Paterno said. "I felt great until about four or five minutes to go in the first half and then I just could hardly move. When we got ahead and it looked like we were OK, I just decided, 'Hey, this is foolish, so I'm going upstairs.' I think each week I'll do a little bit more.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.