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Penn State Vs.Indiana State: Joe Paterno Says Quarterbacks Rob Bolden, Matthew McGloin Will Both Play

Penn State entered Saturday's game against Indiana State with a quarterback competition raging between Matthew McGloin and Rob Bolden. The Nittany Lions' victory against the Sycamores did little to change that as neither quarterback really did much to stick out as the team prepares to host Alabama next week.

For that reason, it's probably not surprising that coach Joe Paterno would like to see more from both before picking one over the other. 

"I think both of them are going to play," Paterno said in his press conference after the game. "I think overall they did a pretty good job."

Bolden started the game and played the entire first quarter. He finished the frame just 2-5, but some of that had more to do with drops by his receivers than bad throws on his part. His final line was 6-12 for 37 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions.

McGloin saw action through the entire second period and took some snaps after halftime as well. He finished 6-8 for 77 yards. One of those incompletions was a dangerous one, a desperate throw right into the bread basket of a charging Indiana State lineman. Luckily for McGloin, the big guy dropped the ball and Penn State retained possession In short, McGloin showed fans both the good and the bad on Saturday. We'll see if Joe Paterno is comfortable with that moving forward.

We'll have much more on the QBs in the coming hours and days. For now, though, the important thing to take away from Saturday is that Penn State still doens't have one set starting quarterback. The battle for the job in the words of the head coach, will continue into next week.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.