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Penn State Football: Tom Bradley Unsure Of Next Move, Could Try Broadcasting

Tom Bradley, long regarded as a strong head coaching prospect, finally got his chance at a top job this year at Penn State. Unfortunately for him, that was in the midst of the Jerry Sandusky scandal, and Bradley only got the job on an interim basis. Bradley’s tenure officially ended when Bill O’Brien was hired as head coach.

Now, Bradley’s out of a job, and not sure what he’s going to do. Perhaps in part because of the scandal that consumed the program with which he was associated, though, his next move may not involve coaching. Tom Dienhart:

Tom Bradley told me last night that he has no coaching jobs in the works and may explore broadcasting.

We’ll see how that works out — Bradley was well-respected pre-Sandusky, but he doesn’t have much of a national profile now except as a coach who was at Penn State when a child sexual abuse scandal broke. Obviously, there’s absolutely no indication he had anything to do with the scandal, which is one reason he was chosen to take over the program after Joe Paterno left. But he may not have enough of a national reputation to overcome the association and win anything better than a lower-tier broadcasting job.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.