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Penn State Scandal: Scott Paterno Says His Father's Ouster Was 'Not Handled Well'

Earlier this week, Jay Paterno announced that he and head coach Bill O'Brien had come to an agreement that he would not return next season as a member of Penn State's coaching staff. Thursday, Joe Paterno's other son, Scott, went public with comments about the way the University handled his father's removal. According to the Associated Press, Scott Paterno is not pleased with the way it went down.

Scott Paterno via AP:

"It is helpful to have on the record the Board's position (about) my father's status with the University," Scott Paterno said in his own statement. "As has become apparent, the termination on November 9, with no notice or hearing, was not handled well.

"Joe Paterno has reiterated from the beginning that the first priority in this crisis is to serve the best interests of the victims," Scott Paterno continued. "He believes strongly that everyone involved is entitled to due process."

Paterno's statement came Thursday after the University tried to clarify why Joe Paterno was immediately removed and not allowed to retire at the end of the season.

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