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Jerry Sandusky scandal: About 20 alleged victims expected to sue Penn State

Penn State University is seeking to reach a financial agreement with many alleged victims of Jerry Sandusky.

Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Penn State University is about to pay dearly for not only the sins of Jerry Sandusky, but for their own as well.

After years of covering up the atrocities that were happening at the school with its ex-defensive coordinator, the university is now accepting responsibility. Now, Penn State is in the process of trying to agree on civil settlements with approximately 20 alleged victims of Sandusky, according to

The negotiator, Michael K. Rozen, is trying to sift through all the different claims.

"I don't know how many people there may ultimately be," Rozen said in a telephone interview last Thursday. "I'm only just finding out about several."

Penn State will undoubtedly be on the hook for millions upon million of dollars. The real question is just how much will the final amount be in the wake of so much tragedy?

"The exposure that Penn State has for both its punitive and compensatory damages is substantial," said Joel Feller, the attorney for seven of Sandusky's victims. "In order to make these settlement discussions productive, they have to accept and acknowledge that they are going to have to pay substantial monetary damages to these young men."

The school would like to wrap up these settlements before the year is over, although nothing is set in stone. Thus far, no dollar figures have been proposed by either side with the process just underway.

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