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Penn State will not renew Tim Curley's contract

Tim Curley will not have his contract as Penn State's athletic director renewed when it expires in June. Curley has been on administrative leave since being charged with purjery and failure to report charges in connection with the Jerry Sandusky case in November.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

Penn State announced that it will not renew the contract of Tim Curley, the athletic director who has been on leave since November, when he was charged in the Jerry Sandusky case.

It has long been assumed Curley would not be involved with the program, with president Rodney Erickson saying that acting athletic director Dave Joyner would keep his job as long as he remains president. But that becomes official with the confirmation that the school will not renew Curley's contract when it expires in June. Curley technically still holds the position of athletic director, but Joyner has been in charge ever since Curley's indictment.

Curley has been the school's athletic director since 1993, and was in charge while all of Jerry Sandusky's sex crimes took place. He is currently set to stand trial along with former vice president Gary Schultz on counts of perjury and failure to report charges, on the grounds that they allegedly knew about and concealed Sandusky's actions, then lied about what they knew to a grand jury.

This story originally appeared at SB Nation.

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