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Attorneys argue over Jerry Sandusky 'Victim 2'

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The attorney for former Penn State University vice president Gary Schultz went on the offensive against the story told by "Victim 2."

Patrick Smith

Attorney Tom Farrell, who is representing former Penn State University vice president Gary Schutlz in his upcoming perjury and failure-to-report trial in January, released a statement on Wednesday that attacked the credibility of the man that came forward as "Victim 2." Farrell says that when the person came forward last November, he told different versions of his story of alleged abuse by Jerry Sandusky to different authorities.

The man was never called to testify during Sandusky's trial. Here is part of Farrell's statement, courtesy of Sara Ganim of The Patriot-News:

"Discovery provided to us shows that the individual's story changed from interview to interview and even conflicted with the version of events his own attorneys described. When requested to diagram the Lasch building locker room and shower, the individual created a drawing that did not match reality.

Attorneys that represent "Victim 2" responded to Farrell's statement by standing by the Freeh Report which has been affirmed by the university. They also bring up the point that Sandusky identified him as the person in the shower with him when witnessed by assistant coach Mike McQueary:

"Mr. Farrell's comments are nothing more than a regurgitation of Jerry Sandusky's failed defense strategy attacking his victims, many of whom initially denied being abused. As Mr. Farrell should know, and should have considered before issuing his public statement, initial denials are commonplace for victims of sexual abuse."

Walter Cohen, a former state attorney general who has been observing the case, does not believe that this could negatively effect to the prosecution of Schultz and former athletic director Tim Curley because the case is not about what happened in the shower. It's about how the two reacted when McQueary reported the incident.

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