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Indiana vs. Penn State 2012: Bill O'Brien not focused on past officiating

Bill O'Brien chose not to talk about the controversial call that appeared cost Penn State a touchdown against Nebraska, opting instead to focus on the game ahead. He made Matt McGloin unavailable to media after the quarterback's comments about refereeing.


Bill O'Brien just wanted to talk about Saturday's game against Indiana in his weekly press conference - not Penn State's controversial loss to Nebraska this past weekend.

O'Brien's squad fell 32-23 after giving up 12 straight points in the fourth quarter on Saturday, but for the second straight week, Big Ten officials made a call that gave Nebraska a great chance to win a game. Against Michigan State, a questionable pass interference call on Darqueze Dennard gave the Cornhuskers a first down on the opposing five-yard line with under 20 seconds left before a quick pass for a go-ahead touchdown gave them a 28-24 victory. On Saturday, Penn State's walk-on tight end Matt Lehman appeared to cross the plane of the goal line to give his team a 31-28 lead, but the play was ruled a fumble recovered by Nebraska in the end zone.

On Saturday, O'Brien said he thought the ball crossed the plane. On Monday, he didn't want to talk about it:

First of all, you know, we're moving on to Indiana here so I really just want to try to focus on the Indiana game. Of course we try to talk to our guys about just overall at the beginning of the season and then weekly about making sure that they understand what their media obligations are and things like that.

Matt McGloin was especially emphatic in his belief that the referees made the wrong call, saying that "we never get that call" and tweeting pictures of the supposed fumble. O'Brien chose to make McGloin unavailable to the media on Tuesday, giving them the opportunity to talk to third-stringer Shane McGregor instead. He had this to say on McGloin's comments:

At the end of the day, it's a free country and Matt can say what he wants, and that's what he did. He's an emotional kid but, look, it's time to move on to Indiana and that's it.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.