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Penn State Scandal: Tentative Date Set In Jerry Sandusky Trial

A tentative date for the Jerry Sandusky child abuse sex trail was set for May 14 Friday in a court room in Bellefonte, Pa. during a pre-trail hearing. Sandusky (who is facing over 50 counts of sex abuse of 10 boys) and his attorneys tried to get a loosening on his house arrest restrictions.

"In the post-hearing statement, he said he is upset that he can't see his grandchildren and that one grandchild said his only birthday wish was to see "Pap." Sandusky also said he's upset that he can't throw biscuits to his dog from his porch," reports Sara Ganim of The Patriots News.

After the hearing, Ganim, also said the judge will need to decided on a few issues brought up by Sandusky's defense team: "where the jury pool comes from and whether Sandusky's bail guidelines will be changed."

Prosecutors want to bring in an out-of-county jury for the trial," writes Ganim, "since they believe emotional ties to Penn State are too great within Centre County. Amendola wants a jury from within the county."

The judge is expected to rule on those issues sometime next week.

According to Ganim, Sandusky was laughing and smiling inside the court room. He also want his house arrest modified so he can see his grandchildren.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.