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Onward State Jokes About Falsely Reporting Death Months After Falsely Reporting Death Of Joe Paterno

Remember when Penn State student publication Onward State reported that Joe Paterno had died, and they were wrong? Yeah. Not one of journalism's shining moments, and it resulted in a great deal of well-deserved embarrassment for Onward State and for then-managing editor Devon Edwards, who resigned his post as a result.

Well, Sunday was April Fools Day, and Onward State thought it would be hilarious to joke about their premature report about Paterno's death ... by erroneously reporting that Edwards himself had died.

Funny stuff, right? Here's the tweet from Onward State:

Our sources can now confirm: Devon W. Edwards has passed away today at the age of 21.

Shortly thereafter, Onward State issued a retraction that mirrored the one they issued regarding Paterno.

We sincerely apologize to Devon Edwards, his family, friends and the Penn State community. He is not dead.

This publication couldn't look more juvenile and emotionally stunted if it tried. Why would anyone think this was funny?

Via Lou Prato.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.