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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Date Of Alleged Abuse Could Be Major Turning Point

The trial of Jerry Sandusky has not yet begun, but there is already a pretty damaging bit of evidence for the prosecutors. They have already changed the date of the alleged abuse witnessed by Mike McQueary, and the defense is now claiming that damages McQueary's credibility, according to Sara Ganim of the Patriot News.

Their counsel stated: "The Commonwealth charged this case before it knew the facts. Now, it is clear that Mike McQueary was wrong in so adamantly insisting that the incident happened the Friday before Spring Break in 2002. Whether or not Mr. McQueary’s insistence was the result of faulty memory, or questionable credibility, there is no dispute that the statute of limitations has expired [on failing to report child sexual abuse] and it will be dismissed."

It would be a shame if the jury only considered the timing of the alleged event and not the event itself, but that is the way it works sometimes in the judicial system. We will have to wait until the trial begins to see how damaging this bit of unreliable memory on McQueary's part is going to be to the prosecutor's case.

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