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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Victim 1 Testifies About Being Abused In Sandusky Household

Another alleged victim of abuse by former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky testified on Tuesday, recounting his own experiences of abuse at the Sandusky household. 'Victim 1' took the stand and said that even when tried to report the abuse, no one took him seriously, according to Laura Nichols of

They said we need to think about it and he has a heart of gold and he wouldn't do something like that

The alleged victim went on to talk about his experience, breaking down into tears at some points. When he would stay at the Sandusky household overnight, he said that Sandusky would start with cracking his back, and it would quickly escalate to much more.

Alleged Victim 1 said Sandusky's hands would go down his shorts. Then, Sandusky would lift up the boy's shirt and blow on his stomach - and Alleged Victim 1 said the same thing always happened next.

"He ... put his mouth on my privates," Alleged Victim 1 said, a grimace on his face and a whimper escaping his throat.

The victim claims that 25 separate times he was forced to either give or receive oral sex. The abuse got so bad that the one-time A student saw his grades fall to C to as low as F.

The victim got to the point of trying to avoid Sandusky, which led to Sandusky visiting the victim's home and getting into arguments with him about trying to make more time to visit.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.