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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Victim 7 Reveals New Details Of Alleged Abuse

At the Jerry Sandusky trial on Wednesday, Victim 7 recounted more details of his abuse that was previously unknown. During his testimony to the grand jury, Victim 7 said that had never actually touched his genital area.

On Wednesday, during cross-examination by Sandusky's defense attorney Joe Amendola, the victim said that only after much counseling and therapy was he fully able to come to grips with what Sandusky allegedly did to him, according to Laura Nichols of

The victim said that as a child he loved to go to football games at Penn State. The tickets would come from Sandusky, whom he spent more time with outside of the stadium. The victim alleged Sandusky would initiate the physical contact by touching his leg. The contact made him so uncomfortable that he would walk away to the other side of the room. Despite that, the contact escalated.

Victim 7 said other times, Sandusky would come up behind him in bed and wrap himself around the boy. Victim 7 said he would retaliate by telling Sandusky he was "trying to read," and asking Sandusky to leave.

Alleged Victim 7 was also taken to locker room showers by Sandusky, as were Victim 7 said Sandusky would try to shampoo him and wash his back and shoulders, which made him so uncomfortable that he would try to move down to another shower.

Other physical contact Victim 7 described included bear hugs and touching of his nipples. Victim 7 said Sandusky would lift up his shirt to blow and kiss on his stomach.

There have been four alleged victims who have testified in the first three days of the trial.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.