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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Co-Workers Of Janitor Who Witnessed Alleged Molestation Allowed To Testify

The co-workers of James Calhoun, a janitor who witnessed Jerry Sandusky allegedly molesting a young boy in the showers of the Lasch Building in 2000, had their testimony admitted by Judge John Cleland on Wednesday. Calhoun suffers from dementia and is unable to testify, but he did tell other members of the janitorial staff that he saw Sandusky performing oral sex on a young boy.

The victim of the alleged crime was identified as Victim No. 8. Calhoun immediately told his co-workers of what he saw that night in 2000. Part of the testimony from the November indictment of Sandusky cited Calhoun's statements, via Sara Ganim of The Patriot-News:

"Jim said he ‘fought in the Korean war ... seen people with their guts blown out, arms dismembered ... I just witnessed something in there I'll never forget,' " the testimony states.

His co-worker Ronald Petrosky was cleaning in the Lasch Building that night as well, and testified on Wednesday that he saw two pairs of legs, one larger belonging to a man and one smaller belonging to a child, in a shower that was on in the locker room. He then testified that he saw Sandusky and a small boy exit the locker room. Petrosky recalled his interaction with Sandusky, via

"I said, 'Good evening, Coach.' They exited the double doors and walked down the long hallway... about three quarters of the way down Jerry took the boy's hand," Petrosky said.

Petrosky then ran into Calhoun, who was "white as a ghost" and relayed that he had just witnessed Sandusky performing oral sex on the boy.

Some other members of the janitorial staff were notified of what Calhoun had seen, and both he and Petrosky decided it would be best to report it to their supervisor Jay Witherite. Witherite is expected to testify on Thursday.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.