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Jerry Sandusky Trial: Dick Anderson Says No Inappropriate Conduct In Shower

The defense's first witness in the Jerry Sandusky trial, former Penn St. Nittany Lions player and assistant coach Dick Anderson, claims there was no inappropriate contact between Sandusky and any boy in the showers. Then Anderson followed up with this, according to Laura Nichols of

When asked if he personally ever showered with boys, Anderson said yes - but that was at the local YMCA, where many people would occupy the showers at any given time and in the Penn State locker room showers, though he was never alone with one.

Prosecutor Joseph McGettigan questioned Anderson quite a bit about his own actions and whether he has ever brought a young boy into a hotel room. Anderson said that he did, but only if he felt like the boy needed some kind of emotional support.

The defense also called former assistant Booker T. Brooks to the stand, who had nothing but good things to say about Sandusky.

"When you work with a person over several years, 14 hours a day, you get to know a person," Brooks said of his tenure with Sandusky. "Jerry is well-known, certainly in the coaching world," Brooks said. "Top-notch, words come to mind like that."

While Brooks said that showering with boys was a common occurence. He also admitted to going into the YMCA shower with his daughter, whom he keeps an eye on because she is so young.

Ben Jones of says that a distinction needs to be made in the kinds of showers referred to by Anderson and Brooks.

The defense will continue to do everything they can to defend its client.

Continue following this storystream for more news on the entire Penn State scandal, including the Graham Spanier investigation and the Jerry Sandusky trial.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.