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Joe Amendola: If Jerry Sandusky Is Acquitted ‘I’ll Probably Die Of A Heart Attack’

Jerry Sandusky's lawyer, Joe Amendola, answered some reporters questions inside the Centre County Courthouse as the jury continues to deliberate the 48 counts of child child sex abuse that Sandusky has been charged with. The impromptu press conference violated a gag order put in place by Judge John Cleland, and the session was broken up by a courtroom bailiff when Cleland found out about the situation.

Durring the session, Amendola was honest with his quotes:

"Do you know what the odds are of walking on 52 [now 48] charges? The likelihood is strong he will be convicted of something."

"Acquitted? I will die of a heart attack."

The odds that Sandusky is acquitted on all charges seems farfetched even to Amendola. Amendola even went on to reference the famous Dumb and Dumber line about Sandusky's chances: "One in a million? So you're telling me you have a chance."

Amendola also went on to say that he did the best he could with this type of case:

"You're never happy with the job you've done," he said. "But I did the best I could considering the circumstances. This was a daunting case."

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.