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Graham Spanier Wasn't 'Forthright' With Penn State Board Of Trustees

In the aftermath of a sex abuse scandal that ended with former defensive coordinator of the Penn State convicted in 45 criminal counts, the Penn State Board of Trustees has been called in to question for their lack of action in the situation. That questioning was validated by the release of the Freeh report on Thursday morning that spoke of the Board and their relationship with former Penn State President Graham Spanier and General Counsel Cynthia Baldwin.

At the May 2011 Board meeting, Spanier and Baldwin briefed the Board about the investigation, but minimized its seriousness by not fully describing the nature of the allegations or raising the issue of possible negative impact to the University.

From March 31 - November 4, 2011, the Board did not make reasonable inquiry of Spanier or Baldwin about the Sandusky investigation or potential risks to the University.

Later in the report, Freeh continues about the relationship between officials and the Board:

Spanier and senior University officials did not make thorough and forthright reports to the Board, which itself equally failed in its continuing obligation to require information or answers on any University matter with which it is concerned.

For the entire Freeh report, visit

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.