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Penn State Scandal: NCAA Sanctions Could Follow Freeh Report, Sandusky Conviction

Now that the complete report from the Freeh Investigative Group has been made public and Jerry Sandusky has been convicted by a criminal court, the next likely event in the timeline of the Penn State scandal are the almost certain civil trials against the university from Sandusky's victims, but also action from the NCAA:

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette has a detailed, thorough look at exactly what the NCAA might do, if anything, as there's little precedent for such a major criminal event as Sandusky. The Post-Gazette report is a thorough breakdown of both the possibilities of action and also the shortcomings of the institution to deal -- transparently -- with issues such as these, but there's a particularly foreboding quote from expert:

"They are both prosecutor and judge and jury," Milstein said. "They make a determination and they mete out any punishment they want from fine to suspension to death penalty. They could do whatever they wanted to do."

For continued coverage of the aftermath of the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse trial, be sure to follow this StoryStream and stay tuned to SB Nation Pittsburgh. For more, check out Black Shoe Diaries, SB Nation's Penn State blog.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.