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Jay Paterno Dismisses Freeh Report As 'Basically An Opinion'

Jay Paterno, former Penn State offensive coordinator and son of Joe Paterno, gave an interview on ESPN on Thursday afternoon, where he discussed the Freeh Report and his father's legacy. SB Nation's Jason Kirk transcribed part of that interview, in which Jay Paterno dismissed the report as 'basically an opinion'.

Paterno called the report "basically an opinion" and "not a legal document," finding that Freeh came to "reasonable conclusions" in the absence of facts and used the "same facts we've had" to come to a "different interpretation." The apparently damning emails "were conversations [investigators] were not party to, that they subscribed meaning to."

Paterno continued on and said that, when his father was first presented with allegations that Jerry Sandusky sexually assaulted children on the Penn State campus, Sandusky had not yet been charged with a crime. The implication is that, because he had no reason to believe that Sandusky was a serial rapist, he did not do anything immoral or criminal when he passed on the information to his superiors.

It's fair to say that Jay Paterno's beliefs regarding his father's conduct and the Freeh Report don't follow along with popular opinion, but it shouldn't be entirely surprising that he looks at evidence suggesting wrongdoing on the part of his father in a different way than the general public.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.