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Jerry Sandusky Scandal: Franco Harris Not Sold On Freeh Report

Franco Harris, the former Steeler and Penn State football star who played for the late Joe Paterno from 1969-1971, may have the information needed to change his opinion of Paterno based on the Freeh Report, according to Brandon Boyd of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Harris only has bits of info from the Freeh Report as of now but plans to dig deeper into the information at some point.

"Oh, oh, sure. Yeah. As I said, we just want the truth," Harris said about changing his opinion on Paterno. "I don't think it's complete yet."

Harris does have his doubts about the report since it followed emails leaking information that it would contain, including an indication that Paterno played a role in a decision not to notify authorities of a report that Sandusky assaulted a young boy in a locker room shower.

"I mean, they really lost me on the importance of it once they started doing things like that," Harris said. "They lost me as far as the integrity of it. What are they really trying to accomplish here?"

Harris will be open minded as the case continues to unfold but as of now, the Freeh Report won't be enough on its own to completely turn him against his former coach.

"The truth is the truth and I'm willing to accept the truth, there's no doubt about it," Harris said. "When that day comes, based on a number of events, then I'm fine with that. The Freeh Report doesn't do it for me."

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.