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Freeh Report Analysis: Sara Ganim Offers Insight On Findings

While the findings of the Freeh Report may have answered many questions about the roles that numerous Penn State administrators, including head football coach Joe Paterno, played in the alleged cover-up of the acts of sexual abuse committed on campus by former coach Jerry Sandusky, there are still many other conclusions to be drawn.

Sara Ganim, who won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking the Sandusky story and her coverage of the victims, put the report into context along with the findings of the Sandusky Trial and state investigations to find new conclusions.

One of the biggest conclusions she draws comes from the role that current Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett's role in the firings of Penn State Presiden Graham Spanier and Paterno. Different trustees have had different stories about the role he played.

One board member remembers him giving an ultimatum: Take decisive action, or there will be a "loss of support for Penn State." Others remember him being quiet during the meeting where the firings were decided.

She also goes on about what questions were not answered by the report including whether or not there was abuse of power besides the abuse case, and the omission of one person's testimony claiming that Paterno had a habit of wanting to keep discipline of football players in-house.

The report focuses solely on the Sandusky case, but we know that former vice president for student affairs, Vicky Triponey, was interviewed and talked about Paterno wanting to handle problems internally.

Were her claims deemed not credible, or were they just kept from the report?

All in all, the article she wrote sheds new light on the case from a variety of perspectives.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.