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Franco Harris Continues To Defend Joe Paterno, Says Statue Should Remain

Former Penn State running back and Steelers legend Franco Harris continues to express his opinion on Joe Paterno and the Jerry Sandusky scandal in no uncertain terms. Harris has been one of the most ardent defenders of his former coach, ripping the Board of Trustees after they fired Paterno last fall. More recently, he doubted the some of the claims and conclusions in the Freeh Report.

He's now weighing in on the question of what to do with the statue of Paterno, which seems to be the newest fiery debate and controversy on this messy timeline. As you'd imagine, Harris does not give much consideration to the movement to remove the statue. Via

"All of the focus has been on Joe. People blame him more than anybody else and he played such a minor part in all of this," Harris said.

Harris went on to scoff at any suggestion to take down the Paterno statue that stands outside Beaver Stadium.

"Until we finish with this, with this next trial and even more investigation into this, they really shouldn't even consider this," Harris said.

He went on to continue to rip the Board, indicating that they have "made every bad decision along the way." He said that their every decision has hurt the University.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.