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Jerry Sandusky 'Distraught' Over The NCAA Penalties Against Penn State

Joe Amendola, the lawyer representing convicted pedophile and former Penn St. Nittany Lions defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky, says that the convict is 'distraught' over the penalties the NCAA levied against the Penn State for its handling of the child sex abuse scandal.

According to the Associated Press, Amendola says Sandusky told him that even if people think he's guilty, the thought of the school's administrators participating in a cover-up is "ridiculous."

"He said, `To do what they're doing to Penn State is so unjust.' He loves the program and he loves the university."

The fact that Sandusky evidently still asserts that he is innocent, despite all of the evidence to the contrary as well as his conviction, really proves how delusional people can be. Penn State football has a long road to recovery after this scandal and the penalties that were handed down, and that road does not include Sandusky.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.