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Despite lawsuit, Tom Corbett to suggest Penn State still pay $60 million to fight child abuse

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett has filed a federal anti-trust lawsuit against the NCAA for the sanctions brought down against Penn State University for the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Mario Tama

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett will suggest to the Penn State Board of Trustees that the university still pay $60 million to combatting child abuse despite his decision to file a federal antitrust lawsuit against the NCAA.

The lawsuit is directly related to the sanctions brought down onto Penn State by the NCAA for the Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal.

Corbett is contending that the NCAA overstepped its boundaries when administering the sanctions against Penn State, which included a four-year bowl ban, loss of scholarships and other penalties. One of the other penalties was a $60 million donation to child abuse prevention, which Corbett is recommending the university still honor.

The Board of Trustees have released a statement explaining that they are not a party in the lawsuit nor did they have any role in its preparation.

Corbett explained that he waited until now to file the lawsuit because he wanted to properly research the matter and didn't want to add any distractions during the football season.

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