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Pitt Dominates Stat Sheet, But Mistakes Help Rutgers Tie Up Game At The Half

Pitt has dominated Rutgers in the box score today, but has little to show for it as the game is 14-14 at halftime.

Pitt’s offense has looked sharp again. QB Tino Sunseri is 12-16 for 157 yards and a TD, but had a tipped early interception early in the game and Rutgers scored a touchdown on the ensuing drive.

Sunseri would then hook up with TE Mike Cruz and Ray Graham made a spectacular move to get into the end zone and it looked like Pitt was rolling. But late in the second quarter, the team had a punt blocked and Rutgers recovered the ball in the end zone for a touchdown to tie the game.

The Panthers are clearly outplaying Rutgers, but today’s game is a perfect example of how mistakes can keep games close. Pitt has 157 yards passing, Rutgers 57. Pitt has 90 yards rushing, Rutgers 36.

Pitt needs to come out in the third quarter and really put Rutgers away. But it might need to force a turnover or two to do so. Rutgers, while not playing a great game, is doing what it needs to in order to hang around.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.