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Pitt Vs. UConn: Miscues Contribute To Pitt's First-Half Deficit

Pitt trails UConn 10-7 at the half due to a variety of miscues.

Tino Sunseri hasn’t looked sharp, throwing two interceptions. Both killed potential scoring drives, as Pitt was in UConn territory on both picks. Sunseri’s calling card has been protecting the ball and he’s been unable to do that so far tonight.

The Panthers have also fumbled three times but have recovered each time.

Jabaal Sheard also had a good chance at a blocked punt, but for some reason pulled up at the last second. He was clearly there in time for the block, but probably didn’t want to risk a running into/roughing the kicker call. Still, it was a big mistake as he could have given Pitt excellent field position.

Despite the mistakes, Pitt is still in the game and can win if it takes care of the ball in the second half.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.