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Backyard Brawl To Be Televised On ABC

The Post-Gazette reports that the November 26 backyard brawl will be televised on ABC at noon. That day will feature some big games (Auburn vs. Alabama, Arizona vs. Oregon, Boise State vs. Nevada), so one might think that a matchup of WVU and Pitt would hold little interest nationally. But incredibly, the game could have national implications, as ... everyone in the Big East fights for the world's least-deserved BCS berth. The Backyard Brawl is always, obviously, a very big deal locally, but depending on how things shake out this week (with WVU playing Louisville, Pitt playing South Florida and Syracuse playing Connecticut), the Backyard Brawl could turn out to be critical in determining who gets that BCS berth.


Pitt is currently 3-1 in the conference, followed by Syracuse (4-2), South Florida (3-2), UConn (2-2) and WVU (2-2). There's a great rundown of possible Big East scenarios here. Pitt can win the conference by winning out, but the other four teams still have very realistic hopes.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.