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Central Conn. State Vs. Penn State Second Half Notes: Under 12 Timeout

Tim Frazier is dropping dimes Stockton style this half. He's also score a few points, but that's really secondary. If he can set up his guys like this going forward, the offense will be miles ahead of where it was last season.

Penn State has opened the half absolutely on fire. The Lions are approaching 60% from the field, which is pretty ridiculous considering how they looked less than a week ago against St. Joseph's. As of this time out, Penn State is 10-10 in the half. Unreal.

Haven't even gotten to Jeff Brooks yet. He's already tied his career high with 19. If he score again, it'll be the third straight game he's scored a career high. It'll be interesting to see how he plays with a little adversity, which is certainly going to come down the road. Will he let it affect him and fall into a slump like he did last year? Or will he mature from last year's experience and keep attacking the bucket?

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.