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Central Conn. State Vs. Penn State Second Half Notes: Under 4 Timeout

Taran Buie is in double figures for the first time in his Penn State career tonight. He's taking what the defense gives him and not forcing things. Like pretty much everyone else on this team, he's looking better every game.

Nobody really sticking out on the boards for Penn State. Everybody seems to be chipping. Very DeChellis-like effort tonight in that respect.

This team is drawing a ton of charges. I'm not sure I've ever watched a basketball team that's drawn this number of charges in a four game span. Major credit to these guys for being in good position almost all the time.

Quiet night for Talor Battle with only nine points. Seems like he's saving quite a bit in the early going, which is good, as the Lions are going to need him to log a lot of minutes in Big Ten play.

With 3:55 to play, it's Penn State 71-47

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.