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Week 13 College Football Scores: WVU's Win Sets Up Showdown For UConn And Cincinnati

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Just in case it weren’t clear, here’s what happened in the Big East today, what will happen tomorrow, and what that means.

First, Louisville beat Rutgers 40-13 in a game that is meaningless in terms of the conference championship, and Rutgers remains pinned to the bottom of the Big East standings. Tomorrow, Syracuse and South Florida will play out-of-conference games against Boston College and Miami, respectively, but both the Orange and the Bulls are essentially out of the Big East race.

The first relevant game this week was played, obviously, by West Virginia and Pitt, and with the Mountaineers’ 35-10 win, WVU and Pitt are tied atop the conference, with WVU holding the tiebreaker. The other game, though, is Cincinnati against UConn, which will be played tomorrow at noon. With a UConn win, the Huskies would vault into a three-way tie with WVU and Pitt and would hold tiebreakers on both.

If the Huskies win both their remaining games, they’ll be the Big East champs, which is a shame, since they just aren’t a very good team – and not in the way the Mountaineers and the Panthers just aren’t that good. No, the Huskies just aren’t good. They lost to the aforementioned cellar-dwelling Rutgers and got blown out by an otherwise irrelevant Louisville team. They have also allowed more points than they’ve scored in conference games. They currently control their destiny in the Big East because they beat Syracuse and snuck by both WVU and Pitt. A Bearcats win tomorrow would be a godsend for both WVU and Pitt, and you should hope for it either way, because as much as WVU and Pitt don’t deserve a BCS berth, UConn really doesn’t deserve it.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.