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Tom Bradley Pitt Rumors: Smizik Suggests Teryl Austin, Four Penn State Coaches Will Follow Scrap

It's been a crazy past 24 hours in the Pitt coaching search and things are only getting more wild by the minute. Bob Smizik of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette this morning cites sources who have indicated to him that a prospective Tom Bradley staff at Pitt is already coming together and includes a big name.

Already people are excited about the staff he'll bring with him and I have on good authority his defensive coordinator will be Teryl Austin, a highly regarded coach who started at cornerback for Pitt in the 1980s. Austin was defensive coordinator at Florida last year. He has an excellent resume, both in college and the NFL, and is an outstanding recruiter. He has long wanted to get back to Pitt and was hoping for a job on Dave Wannstedt's original staff.

Smizik also says he hears from sources that Bradley could take as many as four coaches with him from Joe Paterno's staff to Pittsburgh. This would certainly be an interesting development, as Smizik points out, because Paterno has rarely seen turnover that exaggerated in his entire tenure in Happy Valley. It would be very interesting from a Penn State perspective to see who Paterno would fill four vacancies with.

Coaches who some rumor could leave Penn State include linebackers coach Ron Vanderlinden, wide receivers coach and recruiting coordinator Mike McQuerey, defensive line coach Larry Johnson Sr. and quarterbacks coach (yeah ok) Jay Paterno.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.