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Khem Birch Transfer: An On-Again, Off-Again Tale

After Twitter exploded earlier in the evening, several reports are now floating around saying that Khem Birch could indeed be staying put. In a strange twist of events, Pitt could be keeping its star freshman.

It’s hard to believe this wasn’t a possibility, though. As Adam mentioned in the original post, former Pitt players including Brad Wanamaker and Jermaine Dixon seemed to allude to Birch’s potential departure on Twitter through some not-so-cryptic tweets. The other thing that leads you to believe there was more to this than meets the eye is that Pitt refused to comment on the situation throughout the evening. If there really was nothing to it, it’s hard to imagine the university drawing out speculation by not issuing a statement.

Again, nothing’s been confirmed, but there are some mentions out there now that Birch could indeed be staying.

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Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.