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Arizona State President: Pittsburgh 'Not Ultimately Accepted' By Graham's Family

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"It wasn't me, it was you."

That appears to be the latest message coming from the Todd Graham camp after the coach's abrupt departure from Pitt to Arizona State on Wednesday as Dan Bickley of the Arizona Republic reports:

"We had to get to the core of what this was really about," Crow said of Graham's job-hopping. "I'm convinced in talking to him for several hours that going to Pittsburgh was not something his family ultimately accepted. There's a big difference between central Texas and the East Coast. As a Sun Belt state, Arizona is more of a blend with Texans, Californians and Minnesotans. Do I think it's an issue? No."

Graham wouldn't go into details but said his family had a terrible time in Pittsburgh.

So a self-proclaimed "family man" who told his players he was "here to stay" just days ago would have been "here to stay" in a place that was giving his family a "terrible" time had Arizona State not come along and offered him a job. 

In the business, we call that a non-sequitur, which, ironically, includes the word "quit."

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