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Khem Birch Transfers From Pitt: His Notre Dame Prep Coach Reportedly Bashes Move

With the news that Khem Birch is leaving the Pitt basketball program, lots of analysts are beginning to speak out. But that’s nothing compared to the bombshells apparently dropped by Notre Dame Prep Coach Ryan Hurd Friday night. As reported by Post-Gazette writer Ray Fittipaldo via Twitter, Hurd had some interesting things to say about Birch’s departure from the Panthers:

ND Prep coach Ryan Hurd on Birch: “The problem is he is being led down a road by so-called advisors. It’s going to end poorly for Khem.”

That wasn’t it, though. He added:

More from Ryan Hurd: “Pitt was the perfect place for him.” Also said Birch had a hard time adjusting to physicaltiy of major college bball.

Those quotes would be pretty interesting if any other coach made them, but the fact that his own former coach apparently made them is incredible.

For more on Birch’s departure from Pitt, continue to follow SB Nation Pittsburgh and check out SB Nation’s Pitt blog, Cardiac Hill.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.