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Conference Realignment: Court Denies West Virginia Motion To Dismiss Countersuit

A Rhode Island court refused to dismiss the Big East's lawsuit against West Virginia on Tuesday. The conference is suing to force the university to honor its bylaws, which dictate a school must give 27 months notice before leaving for another athletic league. West Virginia announced earlier this fall that it plans to move its athletic teams to the Big XII beginning next school year.

"After due consideration, this Court denies Defendant's motion to dismiss on all grounds," court documents said. "This Court finds personal jurisdiction over WVU and sufficient service of process. Further, this Court declines to dismiss the Plaintiff's Complaint on the basis of comity or the doctrine of forum non conveniens. Prevailing counsel may present an Order consistent herewith which shall be settled after due notice to counsel of record."

West Virginia is also suing the Big East for the right to leave the conference early, claiming the defections of Pittsburgh and Syracuse to the Atlantic Coast Conference have ruined the conference's viability and therefore made a move by West Virginia necessary.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.