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2011 NCAA Tournament Schedule: Next Round Begins Saturday

Here’s the schedule of March Madness games for Saturday. West Virginia kicks things off tomorrow against Kentucky at 12:15 on CBS. After that, No. 7 UCLA takes on No. 2 Florida plays at 2:45, also on CBS.

Morehead State takes on Richmond at 5:15 on CBS in a matchup of two low-seeded teams. No. 7 Temple then plays No. 2 San Diego State at 6:10 on TNT. Butler plays Pitt at 7:10 on TBS.

No. 11 Gonzaga then plays No. 3 BYU at 7:45 on CBS. No. 4 Wisconsin plays No. 5 Kansas State at 8:40 on TNT. And No. 3 UConn plays No. 6 Cincinnati in a matchup of two Big East teams at 9:40 on TBS. The other 16 teams will play on Sunday.

All these games are big, of course, but the Kentucky/West Virginia game should be a good one. Also, if Pitt beats Butler, the Wisconsin/Kansas State matchup will determine the Panthers’ next opponent.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.