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Pitt Football Spring Practice: Tino Sunseri Still Looks Like Favorite

The quarterback battle was the biggest one in all of camp and that probably hasn’t changed. What also hasn’t changed is that Tino Sunseri still appears to be the favorite. Head coach Todd Graham said that Sunseri entered camp as the starter and would need to essentially be beaten out. From all indications, that isn’t happening right now.

Graham had already given Sunseri some glowing reviews and now quarterbacks coach Todd Dodge says Sunseri’s experience is helping him out significantly:

“The thing that I told Tino today was, about halfway through practice, I told him, your intensity level is exactly where I need it to be,” Dodge said. “The first three, you kind of feel your way through it. The experience that he has as a 13-game starter kind of took over today.”

It’s no secret that the offense is probably a bit behind the defense at this poitn and, really, that’s to be expected. The offense is already playing without key pieces from last year such as Jon Baldwin, Dion Lewis, Jason Pinkston, and Mike Cruz, and having to run an offense without a huddle can’t be the easiest thing in the world.

Graham was committed to having an open competition, but will probably really need to be bowled over by either Mark Myers and Anthony Gonzalez to bench Sunseri. And right now, it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

Photographs by dizfunk used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.